Gulf stock Markets is retract

Gulf stock Markets is retract

Stock Markets was landed in Tuesday after Geopolitical news strongly affected in stock changes for weeks. Stock exchanges rose in early week after the former president of Yemen offer to Ali Abduallah Saleh in cooperation with the Saudi-led coalition to support legitimacy in Yemen. But Saleh was killed by the militias Al Hoth rebel yesterday. The main stock of the Saudi market is retract 0.05 percent after making gains for nine consecutive sessions, The stock of Najran Cement is retract 3.3 percent after jump with stocks other companies for the previous two sessions, the Qatar stock is decline 2.2 percent on Monday, but "Ezdan stock" Holding for Real Estate Development which Hard hit this year by the decline in the real estate market due to the worsening diplomatic crisis, Jumped 8.6 percent it was Most Discussed in the market.

The benchmark Dubai index fell 1.1 percent, with shares on the overall list falling, "Emmar stock" Leading Real Estate is fell 1.8 percent, Egypt's main stock index is retract, But «Giza General» Contracting and real estate investment was jumped 6.2 percent In its most intense since February 2016 after The Company Board of Directors agreed to establish a real state investment unit With a licensed capital of 500 Million Egyptian Pounds (28,3 Million Dollars)

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